AAHA Accredited Animal Hospital in Fayetteville

We're an AAHA Accredited Animal Hospital

Did you know animal hospitals are not required to be accredited like human hospitals? For this reason and more, we’re proud to be an AAHA accredited animal hospital. We’re constantly striving to better our services for both pets and people. Therefore, we follow the highest standards of care and cleanliness outlined by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA). Most of all, you'll feel confident when you leave your pet's care to us at Fayetteville Veterinary Hospital.

What is AAHA?

When AAHA was founded, their goal was to unify and elevate standards for the veterinarian community. Surprisingly, before AAHA, there were no standards set forth for Canadian and American animal hospitals. To this day, they’re still the sole accrediting agency. Through research, educational resources, and commitment to superior care, AAHA is the authority on veterinary medicine’s best practices.


My dog is VERY energetic!! The staff and doctors are understanding, friendly and caring. They take time to explain everything throughly. My dog is happy to go for appointments.

What it Takes to be AAHA

To become an AAHA member hospital, we were evaluated on around 900 points by an AAHA representative. In addition to our initial evaluation, we’re reevaluated every three years. We’ve proven our level of care by providing comprehensive services, including emergency, to being clean and safe.

Some of the standards we are tested on:

  • Whether our pharmacy is fully stocked and easily accessible.
  • How sanitary our hospital is and the measures we take to keep it that way.
  • How thoroughly we assess the state of your pet’s health.
  • Whether we use the latest monitoring equipment to help keep your pet safe during anesthetic procedures, including dental cleanings.
  • How many of our team members are trained to resuscitate patients in the case of heart or lung failure under general anesthesia.
  • Whether we take measures to ensure patient comfort, regardless of why they're seeing us.
AAHA Accredited Animal Hospital in Fayetteville

What it Means for Your Pet

Being AAHA means that were current on the most recent advances in veterinarian medicine. It means that when you drop your pet off for surgery, you can feel good knowing their vital signs will be closely watched. Furthermore, it means we never risk their safety by skipping important safety measures. Pre-anesthetic blood work is always checked to test for underlying conditions that could interfere with sedation. As your pet awakens out of surgery, their internal body will be kept warm ensuring they never suffer from hypothermia. Our facility is clean and sanitized, and we follow guidelines that always take your pet’s health seriously. Contact us to learn more about our AAHA accreditation and what it means for your pet today!

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