Pet Pain Management in Fayetteville

Comprehensive Pet Pain Management

Due to natural instinct, pets are often very good at hiding their pain and discomfort. In addition to surgical procedures, many acute and chronic conditions can cause pain. We have a wide variety of options including non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications, narcotic pain relievers, joint protective agents and special diets to keep pets comfortable and pain-free. Schedule a wellness examination at Fayetteville Veterinary Hospital today, so we can set your pet on the road to relief with our comprehensive pain management services.

Keeping Your Pet Comfortable Before, During, and After Surgery

When your pet is having surgery, we want them to be as comfortable as possible so they can recover with ease. Therefore, we use a powerful pre-operative pain reliever, so they are pain-free when recovering from anesthesia. Your pet is closely monitored from admission until discharge and any signs of pain will be immediately addressed. They will go home with the appropriate pain-relieving medications to ensure a smooth recovery. Since we carry all major classes of prescription drugs in our in-house pharmacy, we use a wide variety of medications to manage pain. Depending on your pet's condition, we may use and prescribe opiates, anti-inflammatories, or both. Ask us for more information at your pet's next scheduled visit.


My dog is VERY energetic!! The staff and doctors are understanding, friendly and caring. They take time to explain everything throughly. My dog is happy to go for appointments.

Managing Arthritic Pain

As your pet grows older, they may start to have trouble moving around, including limping or stiffness from arthritis. Furthermore, arthritis is one of the most common conditions affecting older and middle-aged pets. Proper pain management can help restore your pet's happiness and quality of life.

Some of the ways we may manage arthritic pain in your pet:

  • Special arthritic diets from Hills and Royal Canin contain higher amounts of ingredients that are effective at managing joint problems.
  • We may recommend additional joint supplements.
  • Because we carry all classes of major drugs, we may prescribe non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), or others proven effective at managing arthritis.

Call us for more information about how we can help manage your pet's pain to keep them comfortable and carefree. We look forward to treating and healing your best friend!

Pet Arthritis Management