Spay and Neuter in Fayetteville

About Spay and Neuter Surgery

Sterilization is a common procedure for puppies and kittens, and the benefits far outweigh any risks. Not only are there significant medical and behavioral benefits for your pet, but it also helps control the problem of animal overpopulation. More pets are entering animal shelters than there is capacity, resulting in too many lives lost to euthanasia. At Fayetteville Veterinary Hospital, we work with pet owners to determine the best time for a spay and neuter surgery so their companions receive the most benefits.

Behavioral and Medical Benefits for Your Pet

You love your pet like family, and therefore want the best for them. Spay and neuter surgery provides numerous behavioral and medical benefits that improve the quality of life for both the pet and their owner.

Female pet benefits include:

  • No chance of unwanted pregnancies
  • Reduction or elimination of urine marking behavior
  • Less inclination to roam
  • Can no longer develop ovarian or uterine tumors
  • Reduced risk of mammary gland tumors
  • No risk of pyometra (uterine infections)

Male pet benefits include:

  • A lessening of mounting behavior
  • Reduction or elimination of urine marking behavior
  • Less inclination to roam
  • Aggression is reduced
  • No risk of developing testicular cancer
  • Prostate issues are greatly reduced

The Timeline for Spay and Neuter Surgery

Your pet reaps the most benefits when they are neutered at the correct time for their breed and species. Typically, for any pet, we wait until at least 6 months of age in order to make sure their adult teeth come in properly. Another important factor for females is the timing of their first heat cycle. If spayed before the first cycle, their risk of mammary cancer is significantly reduced. While 6 months is a well-established timeline to keep in mind, each pet could require a different plan, so schedule your new puppy or kitten’s wellness exam today to discuss their needs further.

We look forward to seeing you soon! For any questions or concerns before your appointment, please do not hesitate to call.

Spay and Neuter in Fayetteville

My dog is VERY energetic!! The staff and doctors are understanding, friendly and caring. They take time to explain everything throughly. My dog is happy to go for appointments.

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