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Keeping Fido Fit

August 15, 2019
Did you know that over half of our canine companions are overweight or obese? That probably isn’t a huge surprise, given Fido’s love of bacon. Pudgy pets are cute, but your furry pal will be much healthier if he is at or near his ideal weight. A proper diet will go a long way towards keeping your four-legged friend healthy. However, making sure your pooch is getting the right type and amount of exercise is also very important. A local Manlius, NY vet discusses doggy fitness in this article.


Dogs are super adorable when they are bounding after their favorite toy or playing in the spray from a hose or sprinkler. Playing is an excellent doggy workout! It’s also great for Fido’s mental and emotional well-being. Spend a few minutes a day tossing a ball for your pup or playing tag with him. If your pet has more energy than you do, consider getting him a mechanical ball launcher. You can also hold a laser pointer for him to chase. That way, your furry buddy will do all the work while you stay still.


Although every dog is different, most of our canine pals need at least a daily walk. This is also a good way for you to get some exercise and fresh air!


Swimming can definitely help keep Fido fit. This is a good option for senior dogs or large pooches, because the water will support their weight. Just keep a close eye on Fido when he’s in or near the water, and never leave him unattended.


Doggy workout requirements are definitely not one-size-fits-all. Toy breeds may only need a short walk, while super-active dogs, like retrievers, may need an hour or more of vigorous activity each day. Choosing the right type of activity is also important. For example, brachycephalic dogs, like pugs and boxers, lose their breath very easily, and shouldn’t be encouraged to swim or overexert themselves. Many large breeds, on the other hand, are prone to hip problems, which can be exacerbated by standing or jumping too much. Ask your vet for specific advice. Also, be sure not to overexert your pup. If Fido pants or seems tired, give him some water and head for home. Do you have questions about your dog’s exercise needs? As your Manlius, NY animal hospital, we’re here to help. Contact us anytime!