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Caring For Fido’s Furry Feet

October 15, 2019
Does your pet know how to Shake? Does he Give Paw on command? Our canine pals can learn some pretty cute paw tricks. However, they can’t take care of their furry feet, so it’s up to you to make sure your pup’s paws are in good condition. Read on as a Fayetteville, NY vet discusses dog paw care.

Keep Fido’s Claws Trimmed

Did you know that overgrown nails are very painful for dogs? They are quite uncomfortable for Fido to walk on. Your furry friend may change his stride to alleviate the discomfort, which can put additional stress on his bones and joints. Long nails also tend to snag on things, which can lead to painful tears and infections. Keep your pet’s claws clipped! If you’re nervous about doing it yourself, contact us to schedule a pawdicure.

Paw Pads

Dogs’ paw pads are very sensitive and delicate. Your canine buddy can get painful burns or blisters by walking or running on hot or harsh surfaces. Snow, salt, sand, ice, gravel, and asphalt can all damage those furry feet. Fido’s feet are extra delicate when they are wet. Keep your canine pal on soft ground as much as you can, especially after he’s been swimming.


Fido’s feet can get dry and cracked, just like ours can. Paw balm or wax will help protect and moisturize your pet’s paws. You can also use petroleum jelly.

Wipe Downs

Get into the habit of wiping down your four-legged pal’s paws before you bring him inside. This will remove residue, such as pollen or lawn/garden chemicals. (Bonus: it will also help keep him from tracking dirt and mud all over your floors.)

Pawsitive Thoughts

Does your canine friend hate having his feet handled? Teach Fido that he’ll get a yummy treat every time he gives you his paws. Your pooch may soon change his mind!


Take time to inspect your furry friend’s paws regularly. You’ll want to look for obvious signs of injury, such as cuts or swelling. Check for heat and tenderness as well. Look between your pet’s toes for ticks and other foreign objects. If you see a minor cut, you can treat it with antiseptic, but call your vet for anything more serious than that. Please contact us, your Fayetteville, NY vet clinic, for all your dog’s veterinary care needs. We are here to help!