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Keeping  Your Feline Pal Happy

May 15, 2024

Cats are undoubtedly the ideal companions for many people. These adorable creatures are filled with personality and charm, always bringing a smile to our faces with their endearing quirks and playful behavior. Fluffy is also quite low-maintenance. However, kitties do need love and care to thrive. In this article, a Fayetteville, NC veterinarian provides answers to common questions about keeping your cat happy.

Kitty Care 101

First things first: Making sure your pet receives good food, a clean litterbox, and proper veterinary care is essential for their well-being. However, it takes a little more than that to keep that tiny motor running. Fluffy will need various entertainment options, stimulating activities, and all the comforts our feline companions crave.


Toys and playtime are crucial for your furry friend’s happiness and overall well-being. Don’t forget that your adorable little pet has the heart of a lion. Kitties are hunters by nature, thus they have an instinctive need to pounce, jump, and scratch. Mastering these skills is crucial for their survival in the wilderness. Fluffy really does need to embrace her wild side from time to time.

Playing is not only a great way to satisfy your cat’s natural hunting instincts. It’s also a great way to bond. Taking a few minutes to hold a laser pointer for your adorable pet can go a long way toward making her feel loved. If you have multiple cats, engaging them in playtime together can foster a stronger bond between them.

Keep in mind that our feline buddies all have their own purrsonal preferences when it comes to toys. One kitty may enjoy chasing the elusive red dot from a laser pointer, while another may find joy in ‘catching’ catnip mice. Experiment with various options to discover what your furry companion likes best.

Furniture for Cats

Our feline overlords have no qualms about claiming our beds, sofas, tables, chairs, and laps as their own personal napping spots. However, it’s important for Fluffy to have a few things of her own.

Naturally, the gold standard in this case is the cat tower. This piece has multiple purposes. It provides your cat with a vantage point. That is important: kitties don’t have much of a view from ground level! Fluffy will appreciate having a spot where she can gaze down on her subjects and kingdom with that adorable smug look of kitty superiority.

Cat towers also offer a convenient spot for your adorable pet to take care of their nails. This will let your feline friend satisfy her natural need to keep her paw daggers as sharp as possible … while also protecting your furniture. Fluffy will also have some new cozy spots for napping and a fun jungle gym to play on. 

Working on a tight budget? You can get a tower without spending a fortune. An old stepladder or shelf system can be easily repurposed. Simply incorporate wooden planks to create comfortable lounging spots for your kitty. Then, wrap it with sisal rope or carpet. Voila! 

A Fun View

We always advocate keeping cats indoors. It’s a much safer option for them! Once your beloved pet steps outside, she faces numerous potential dangers, including cars, weather conditions, wild animals, stray cats, chemicals, and unfortunately, some humans. Outdoor cats also face a higher risk of encountering parasites, getting lost, injured, or even facing fatal accidents when compared to their indoor counterparts.

That being said, cats have a genuine fascination with watching birds and squirrels. Give Fluffy a comfortable window seat with a pleasant view. By placing a bird feeder within her view, you’ll not only be offering her live entertainment but also supporting the local wildlife.

Kitty-Friendly Flora

plants can improve the overall feel of any house. They also purify the air! In addition, your furry companion will delight in having something to munch on. Fluffy enjoys playfully hiding behind lush foliage, pretending to be a fierce hunter. Just make sure you stick with safe selections. You’ll find a comprehensive list of plants on the ASPCA website, including both toxic and non-toxic varieties. 


We mentioned above that cats are easy keepers. This is a perfect example of that. One simple way to get that little motor going? Just remember to give Fluffy some of those empty Amazon boxes to conquer. If you want to go all-out, give your furry little buddy a box castle. (This is a great project for kids.) 


While we may never truly know how much of our language our feline friends’ understand, it seems likely that Fluffy has a firm grasp on phrases like ‘Get out of there’ and ‘What are you doing in that?’ Regardless, talking to your companion is a great way to bond with her. Although she may not comprehend your words, she’ll appreciate the fact that you’re trying to bond with her.

She may even talk back! Your furry pal may also flick her tail, give you a gentle blink, or give you a head bonk. (Then again, she may also pounce on your shoelaces or just go back to sleep. You never know with cats.)


We can’t forget Fluffy’s favorite plant. While not all cats are susceptible to the effects of catnip, if your pet enjoys it, then by all means indulge her. One good thing about catnip? You don’t have to worry about the possibility of your furry pal having too much. Aside from the very rare possibility of Fluffy being allergic, the worst-case scenario is that your pet will need to sleep it off. 

Comfy Napping Spots

Our feline companions are known for their love of sleep, often spending a whopping 20 hours a day snoozing. Offer your drowsy pet a variety of spots to choose from. Store-bought beds are great, and we highly recommend getting at least one or two. Another option is to place folded blankets on footstools, storage trunks, or ottomans.


Love really is the secret ingredient to any great kitty care regime. Pay lots of attention to Fluffy! Talk to her, pet her, play with her, and let her snooze on your lap if she wants. 

Ultimately, cats desire the same things as humans: affection, comfort, and security. That unique bond we share with our furry companions can be very powerful. 

Make It A Habit To Regularly Visit YourFayetteville, NC Animal Clinic

If given the choice, our feline companions would undoubtedly prefer to stay at home and enjoy a peaceful nap instead of making a trip to our Fayetteville, NC pet hospital. Proper veterinary care is absolutely essential for your feline buddy’s health and well-being.

All kitties should be microchipped, spayed or neutered, and have regular checkups, vaccinations, and parasite treatment performed. During the time between visits, it’s important to stay vigilant for any indications of illness. Look out for symptoms like vomiting, untidy fur, hiding, respiratory problems, changes in appetite, weight fluctuations, fever, diarrhea, and issues with the litterbox. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you observe anything unusual.

Make An Appointment At Your Fayetteville, NC Animal Clinic

Do you need any assistance regarding your cat’s health or care? Get in touch with us, your Fayetteville, NC pet hospital, today! As your local pet hospital, we are dedicated to offering great care.