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7 Signs of Illness In Cats

Cats are full of curious—and often amusing—characteristics. We may never entirely understand Fluffy’s catnip obsession, or figure out exactly why she finds boxes so irresistible. However, not all of our feline pals’ quirks are harmless. In fact, one in particular…

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Keeping Fido Fit

Did you know that over half of our canine companions are overweight or obese? That probably isn’t a huge surprise, given Fido’s love of bacon. Pudgy pets are cute, but your furry pal will be much healthier if he is…

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Adopting A Shelter Cat

Are you considering bringing a new feline friend into your household? You definitely have our support! We always love seeing cats go to loving homes. However, while we’re happy to see any kitty get adopted, we especially love seeing shelter…

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