End-of-Life Pet Care: Staying Sensitive to You and Your Pet

The joy and unconditional love pets give day-in and day-out make it hard to say goodbye when the time comes. At Fayetteville Veterinary Hospital, we understand how much your pet means to you because our pets mean the same. When your four-legged friend enters their final life stage, we'll be with you through every step of the process. Most of all, we stay sensitive to both of your needs. Therefore, we offer comprehensive end-of-life services, including decision counseling, palliative care, and memorials.


Increasing Quality of Life Through Palliative Care

If your pet is diagnosed with a terminally ill condition or they're just nearing the tail end of a very old age, palliative care can keep them comfortable. Since animals and our clients mean the world to us, we'll carefully advise you on how to care for your pet in this case. Some of the palliative care we may recommend includes dietary recommendations, pain relief, and symptom management. Schedule a visit with us to learn more.


My dog is VERY energetic!! The staff and doctors are understanding, friendly and caring. They take time to explain everything throughly. My dog is happy to go for appointments.

Pet Euthanasia Services

When the appropriate time comes to say goodbye, we'll discuss this hard decision with you privately and sensitively. The same as no two humans are the same, no two pets are. Each case is different; unfortunately, this never makes pet euthanasia any easier. Discuss more with us when you feel like the time is right. Additionally, home euthanasia is an option for appropriate cases. Contact us for more information.

Once the time comes, we make a paw print mold to help honor your loved one. The same as this service is offered at no additional charge, we make cremation and burial recommendations. If you opt for cremation, there is a local pet cemetery to further memorialize your pet. Please contact us for more information. We want only the best for pets and their people.

Pet Euthanasia in Fayetteville
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