Pet Vaccinations in Fayetteville

Pet Vaccinations: Offering Needed Protection

Whether you adopted a new puppy, kitten, or adult pet, it’s imperative to ensure that they are properly vaccinated. Vaccinations prevent your pet from contracting contagious and sometimes deadly diseases, some of which can be transmitted to humans. At Fayetteville Veterinary Hospital, we work with you to determine which pet vaccinations suit your pet’s lifestyle.

Cat Vaccinations at Our Practice

We are proud to promote that we use non-adjuvanted vaccinations for our feline friends. Cat vaccinations containing adjuvants have been linked to tumor (sarcoma) formation at the injection site. Since we only use adjuvant-free vaccines, you can rest assured that our vaccines are not only effective, but also safe.

Vaccinations we provide for cats:

  • Rabies – A core vaccination, necessary for all cats, even those that are strictly indoors.
  • Feline distemper (RCP) – Also a core vaccination, feline distemper offers protection against three diseases (rhinotracheitis, calicivirus and panleukopenia, or “RCP”) with just one dose. These are highly-transmissible, deadly diseases between cats.
  • Feline leukemia – Spread through saliva and bites, this vaccine is a must for any cat that goes outside. Indoor cats usually do not need to be vaccinated for leukemia.

My dog is VERY energetic!! The staff and doctors are understanding, friendly and caring. They take time to explain everything throughly. My dog is happy to go for appointments.

Dog Vaccinations at Our Practice

Our canine companions are susceptible to even more contagious diseases, which is why we carry an array of dog vaccines to ensure their optimal protection. Our veterinarians will have an in-depth discussion with you to determine which vaccinations are appropriate for your dog’s lifestyle.

Vaccinations we provide for dogs:

  • Rabies – A core vaccination, necessary for all dogs and required by law.
  • Canine distemper (DA2P) – This core vaccination provides protection against three diseases (distemper, adenovirus type 2 and parvovirus) with just one dose. These are highly-transmissible, deadly diseases between dogs.
  • Lyme – This is becoming a core vaccination in the Central New York area, as the incidence of this tick-borne disease has risen dramatically over the past several years. Its symptoms may go unnoticed until they become serious or even fatal.
  • Leptospirosis – This vaccine protects against a bacterial infection contracted by drinking stagnant ground water. If your dog becomes infected, he/she is potentially contagious to humans.
  • Kennel cough – This vaccine protects against respiratory diseases contracted in social settings such as boarding, grooming, and doggy daycare. We use an advanced vaccine that protects against 3 major respiratory pathogens: adenovirus type 3, parainfluenza and Bordetella.
  • Influenza – Not to be confused with parainfluenza, this vaccine protects against a viral disease with flu-like symptoms that’s emerging in canine social settings.

Your pet’s safety is our number one priority. Contact us to schedule a wellness visit to discuss the appropriate vaccination plan for your pet(s).

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