Veterinary Promotions Offer You Valuable Discounts!

Since we want to help owners provide their pets with regular veterinary care, we offer ongoing veterinary promotions. The valuable veterinary discounts these promotions offer is lighter on your pocketbook to help you provide essential care for your four-legged friend.

Veterinary Promotions and Discounts in Fayetteville

Dentistry Promotion

From January 1st to February 28th, Fayetteville Veterinary Hospital is offering a 20% discount on all services associated with dentistry procedures. In order to schedule a dentistry procedure for your pet, they first need to see us for a pre-dental exam. This will help us determine the level of treatment your pet will need during their procedure. Remember, if we have not seen your pet for their pre-dental exam, we cannot schedule them for a dentistry procedure.

Be sure to call us right away to schedule your pet's pre-dental exam. To receive the 20% discount, your pet's dentistry procedure must be scheduled within the discount period of January 1st - February 28th. Please let us know if you have any questions!

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